Welcome. This site is all about the superfood berry called aronia. the other name of the berry is called the chokeberry, so I think you know why they changed the name. anyway, its a berry that is native to north america and deserves a seat on your plate. We also aren't like so many other 'health sites' you'll see on the internet. we try to give you straight forward advice and make sure you stay away from so of those other bad 'superfood' advice sites.

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Aronia Juice

So why is Aronia a SuperFood?



Aronia has a very high level of Vitamin C compared to other similar sized berries.


It also had a very high fiber content and higher than expected levels of Vitamin K, folic acid, as well as potassium.  These berries also provide about 8% of your suggested iron according to the USDA.   




Then we get into the ​term everyone has heard of, but no one really knows what it is.  Everyone knows antioxidants are good for you, but how much is good and how do you get them?




Aronia berries are high in anthocyanins - which is not only the pigment in the plant but also has many alleged health benefits.


 This particular flavanoid, Anthocyanin is also found in eggplants, many types of cherries, plums, blueberries, and even green tea.


If you do your 'research' you'll see many sights suggesting that anthocyanin's are amazing, but be wary many of these claims are totally overblown.


Yes, real research does show that eating anthocyanins is a very healthy part of our diet and many people aren't eating enough fruits and veggies.  But when you see claims that it will prevent cancer, boost brain power, improve your vision and keep your heart healthy - we aren't buying into those claims.


So in general eating more 'purple' foods is good, it's an excellent way to provide some much needed variation for many people's diets.  Most real dietitians talk about a rainbow of colors on your plate, and we think that purple must be included.


More is not always better!


Remember when talking about vitamin supplements and ‘detox diets’ more is not always better.  Be careful not to overdo your intake of any particular vitamin or supplement.  Instead try to have a good mix of natural foods to eat and limit your diet to a balance of foods.


We want to provide real advice to folks trying to learn more about eating healthy.

Stop wasting your time on fad diets and get skinny quick schemes, they don't work and many are dangerous.