let's talk detox diets they are becoming more and more popular. What should you know about them? rule #1 when picking a detox diet don't. don't do it. don't do a detox cleanse, a detox diet, a 3 day, 7 day whatever day detox diet. they aren't healthy, they take your money and won't help you at all. they are fraud diets. there, I just saved you like $80.
"ok, fine I won't do a detox diet. What should I do?" It's actually easy, you probably even know yourself what you should be doing, Or more precisely, what not to do. stop eating junk food, and eat more fruit, veggies and whole grains. get enough protein and exercise. done.

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Alright, we'll admit it.  It's not 'easy'.  Junk food tastes amazing and it's cheap and did we mention that it tastes amazing?  The point is, in your heart of hearts we think you know better.  That there are no easy ways to 'get healthy', or lose weight 'fast'.  We created this site to showcase one under-eated berry that we love, the Aronia Berry and think it's a good way to diversify your palate.  So just learn more about really cool healthy foods.  Also, stop worrying if your food is organic or not, that's another huge scam.